The following resources are certainly not exhaustive (or in any particular order), but provide helpful information for juvenile law practitioners.

Oregon Revised Statutes: Juvenile dependency is largely governed by chapter 419B, and juvenile delinquency is largely governed by chapter 419C, though multiple other chapters play important parts in both types of cases.

Oregon Administrative Rules: ODHS Child Welfare is largely governed by chapter 413.

ODHS Child Welfare Policy Manual: A guide to how DHS caseworkers should be handling their cases and what policies govern their actions.

Indian Child Welfare Act: The full text of the Federal statute governing child welfare treatment of Indian children.

National Indian Child Welfare Association: An organization which provides a number of resources for addressing the needs of Indian children involved in the child welfare system.

Juvenile Court Improvement Program Model Forms: Orders, judgments, and other forms used by many courts throughout the state for dependency and delinquency cases.

National Juvenile Defender Center Delinquency Defense Trial Manual: Approximately 1,300 pages of excellent information to guide practitioners in juvenile delinquency cases.

Google Scholar: A free resource for researching case law and scholarly articles.

Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association: A great resource for CLEs, practice information, and multiple other resources in adult criminal and juvenile delinquency cases.

Youth, Rights & Justice: A defense firm in Portland whose quarterly Juvenile Law Reader is a superb resource for keeping up to date on developments in juvenile law.

Child Law Practice Today: An online publication by the American Bar Association dedicated to juvenile law issues.

Family First Workgroup: A schedule of meetings for implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act.